The East Bay Clean Cities Coalition (EBCCC) is a 501(c) non-profit corporation governed by a seven-person Board. Each Board Member has extensive background and experience in the Fleet industry with alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles. Following a special Board vote in 2010, Tom Fung and Dave Head became the most recent additions to the Board. The EBCCC expanded the Board of Directors from five to seven members to better better serve our stakeholders and to acknowledge the rapidly expanding and more geographically diverse membership base.

Richard Battersby- Coordinator and Executive Director

Richard is a Board member and Coordinator of the East Bay Clean Cities Coalition and is the Director of Fleet Services at University of California, Davis. He has over 25 years in the fleet industry operating government and private industry fleets. He is a Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) and Certified Public Fleet Professional (CPFP). Richard holds over 40 ASE certifications and has a BS degree from the California State University, Sacramento. Richard served 10 years in the US Army Engineer and Ordnance Corps as a commissioned and non-commissioned officer and is an active member of the Public Fleet Supervisorís Association (PFSA), American Public Works Association (APWA), California County Fleet Managers Association (CCFMA), National Conference of State Fleet Administrators (NCSFA) and is a past Chairman and officer of the San Francisco Chapter of the NAFA Fleet Management Association.

Chris Ferrara- Co-Coordinator

Chris is a Board member and the founding Coordinator of the East Bay Clean Cities Coalition and has been with the Coalition since 1994. He was recently presented a Region 9 EPA award for work at the Port of Oakland with the CleanAir Logix project. Chris is a 25 year employee of Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Company and has worked in the alternative fuel and clean air industry for 10 years. Chris has extensive grant experience including CNG fueling stations and Natural Gas vehicles (NGV) and has specialized in Port Operations and LNG applications.

Tom Fung- Treasurer

Tom is a Board member of the East Bay Clean Cities Coalition and is the Fleet Manager of the City and County of San Francisco. He has been in the automotive industry many years and has worked in the public and private sectors. He is active in a number of fleet management associations and has served in various leadership capacities.

Tom Gannon- Board Member emeritus

Tom is a Board member and Treasurer of the East Bay Clean Cities Coalition. Tom recently retired after many years of service as the Fleet Manager for the Alameda County Public Works and is one of the Charter members of the East Bay Clean City Coalition. He has over eighteen years experience in the Fleet Management field and is an Automotive Service Institute (ASE) Certified Master Technician. Tom earned an AA Degree in Automotive Technology 1976 and has fourteen years of hands-on journeyman technician experience. If and when he ever gets time off, Tom enjoys fishing the trout streams in the Sierras.

Dave Head- Board Member

Mr. David Head is a Board member and has been involved in vehicle and equipment management and repair for over 38 years. His work history includes training and work as an automotive mechanic, heavy equipment mechanic, parts sales person, owner/operator of an automotive repair facility, Fleet Supervisor and Fleet Manager. He has been the Fleet Manager at the County of Sonoma since December 1990. Dave has completed demonstration projects with electric and CNG powered vehicles and has implemented a hybrid vehicle program that currently has 232 hybrid vehicles, nine of which have been converted to plug-in hybrids and one hybrid bucket truck. Dave is active in the Sonoma County Local Government EV Partnership and the Bay Area EV Corridor Project. He maintains active membership in National Association of Fleet administrators, California County Fleet Managers Association and Public Fleet Supervisors Association.

Rick Ruvolo- Secretary

Rick is a Board member of the East Bay Clean Cities Coalition and is a consultant on municipal and international alternative fuel and transportation demand management efforts to reduce dependence on oil and address the contributions to climate change in the transportation sector. Rick developed and managed alternative fuel efforts for the City and County of San Francisco for nearly 20 years. He co-founded and chaired the San Francisco Clean Cities Coalition for 15 years, and served as S.F. team leader on the Kathmandu Electric Vehicle Alliance, a multi-year effort which supported the use of electric vehicles in Nepal.

Steve Sokolsky- Board Member

Steve is a Board member of the East Bay Clean Cities Coalition and is a Project Manager in CALSTARTís Clean Transportation Solutions Group (CTSG). In this position, he manages projects that assist fleet operators and others develop and implement clean vehicle programs. Steve specializes in adding transportation components to biomethane production facility projects. Additionally, Steve leads HTUFís Commercial Construction Equipment Users Forum and is also directing vehicle retrofit and replacement activities for California airports. Prior to joining CALSTART, Steve developed natural gas vehicle infrastructure specifications and assisted airports in the deployment of alternative fuels programs. He has a Bachelorís degree in International Business from California State University Sacramento.